Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness

As the coronavirus situation evolves, IVX Health is committed to providing the safest experience possible for our patients. Like many others, we’re crafting our guidance from the CDC and have taken new steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while also ensuring as minimal disruption to patient care as possible.

One of our greatest differentiators has always been the physical environment in which we operate, as our facilities have real and unique advantages when caring for immunocompromised patients. Most notably, our exclusive private suite model ensures that our patients always receive a private room, thereby minimizing unnecessary close contact with others.  Moreover, our centers are located in individual retail spaces – not in shared healthcare facilities like the hospital or physician office. Lastly, our appointment only model – coupled with our focus on ensuring our patients are shown to their room immediately upon arrival – allows us to minimize the risk of exposure to others that might occur in a traditional waiting room setting.

Our clinical team works hard to make the entire IVX Health facility an aseptic environment, meaning it is contamination-free and free from disease-causing microorganisms. Patient rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after every patient visit. This not only includes the infusion chair but every other shared object – including the TV remote, iPads, blankets, and other items – which receive a sterile cleaning using CaviWipes or other disinfecting agent. We also thoroughly clean all other areas at multiple intervals throughout the day, including our entryway, front desk, restrooms, and break room.

In response to COVID-19, IVX Health is taking additional, precautionary steps to maximize patient safety which patients may notice upon their next visit, including:

Expanded Screening

When confirming an appointment, IVX Health speaks to every patient by phone. During the call, our team will now review the precautions we are taking to reduce the transmission of coronavirus and will ask additional questions about travel history, family contacts, or other potential risks of exposure. This is in addition to the formal health screening every patient always receives prior to their infusion. IVX Health employees are also actively self-monitoring for symptoms – including daily temperature checks – before coming to the centers.

Limits on Guests

We’ve limited the presence of vendors, deliveries, and all non-essential staff to minimize any small but real risk of exposures. We are now asking patients to do the same and limit the presence of friends and family members in the centers whenever possible. Unless there are physical or safety reasons, IVX Health team members will ask guests to wait outside the center until the infusion is complete.

The Presence of Additional Protective Gear

Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve asked all staff to wear protective equipment inside the clinic, including masks for all employees and masks and gloves for clinical staff. The CDC has indicated that those affected with COVID-19 may spread before they are symptomatic, and we felt it was the right precautionary step at this time to protect both our staff and patients.

Snack Bar and Other Common Spaces

We will continue providing packaged, single-serving snacks and drinks for all patients but will stop displaying those options at our snack bar. Our staff will be more than happy to bring you whatever you need – all you need to do is ask.


For these reasons and more, we believe there’s no safer or better place for patients who need infusion therapy to receive it. At IVX Health, we’re deeply committed to doing what’s right for all the people whose lives we touch.

Andrew Lasher, Chief Medical Officer