November 21, 2017 |  written by IVX Health

How to be a Good Thanksgiving Guest with IBD

If you have IBD or other types of GI-related chronic illness, being a guest at someone's home for Thanksgiving can be a stressful event. Here are some tips and strategies that will let you enjoy Turkey Day stress-free.

#1: Offer to Bring an IBD-Friendly Dish

If you’re worried about having foods to eat that won’t trigger your symptoms, then offer to bring a dish.  Even if you haven’t told your host that you have IBD, you can tell them that you’re on a special diet and would like to bring something that complies.

This also gets you off the hook for not sampling every single dish the host makes or other guests have brought.

#2: Consider Giving Your Host a Heads Up

While you may not feel like broadcasting your condition, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having a chronic illness like IBD.  Being open and honest with your friends and loved ones can buy you some grace when it comes to holiday events.

#3: Eat a Snack Beforehand

Eating a compliant meal beforehand ensures that you’re not starving when it comes time to say no to triggering dishes.  If you’re hungry, you’ll be much more likely to give into cravings and eat something that could hurt you down the road.

#4: Consider a Little Air Freshener

If you know you’re likely going to have to use the restroom, and especially if there’s only one restroom in the house, you might consider stashing an air freshener like PooPourri or something similar in your purse or pocket.  It’s not a necessity, but it’s definitely a nice touch that’ll help you do what you need to do without embarrassment.

#5: Be Thankful

Remember, it’s not about the food anyway.  Thanksgiving — or Friendsgiving — is about spending time with your loved ones and remembering all the things you have to be thankful for.

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