November 18, 2014 |  written by IVX Health

How to Enjoy Traveling with Ulcerative Colitis During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays of the year for traveling, but even with the promise of a delicious meal waiting for you, traveling with ulcerative colitis (or other IBDs such as Crohn’s disease) can be daunting.  Read on for tips on how to make the best of traveling with ulcerative colitis.

Choose Air Travel if Possible

Air travel is the easiest way for those with ulcerative colitis to traverse long distances.  Traveling by plane allows you to be near a bathroom the entire time.  If you do choose air travel, pack the same emergency items as you would in a car and choose an aisle seat if possible.  Don’t be afraid to ask flight attendants for help if you need assistance at all before, during, or directly after the flight.

If air travel isn’t an option for you, traveling via ground transportation can also be arranged to accommodate your individual needs.

Make a Plan

Taking a road trip with ulcerative colitis is probably not the time for unexpected detours to see the largest ball of twine.  Instead, map out your itinerary and route, complete with pit stops for planned bathroom breaks.  And you can even plan for the unexpected bathroom break with the SitorSquat app or any other app that allows you to locate restrooms near your current location.

Be Prepared

It’s a good rule of thumb for all travelers to keep an emergency kit in the car, but ulcerative colitis patients should add a few extra items, such as your insurance information, any prescriptions you might need filled, your doctor’s number, a change of clothes and underwear, moist towelettes or wipes, and any incontinence products that’ll make your travel easier.  You might even consider taking along a portable toilet, just in case of emergencies. Travel kits should be personalized to your particular needs and include items that can be helpful in reducing symptoms.

Relax and Have Fun

That’s not just advice for a good time — it’s advice for good health, too!  Stress exacerbates ulcerative colitis symptoms, so avoiding stress can help your body handle the trip better.   Planning ahead as much as you can gives you a better shot at avoiding stressful experiences, but remaining calm and remembering to laugh when the unexpected happens can go a long way toward a good travel experience.

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