October 31, 2016 |  written by IVX Health

How to Make Chronic Illness Less Scary

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can be pretty scary at first.  But you don’t have to stay scared.  There are actions you can take to combat fear when it comes to your chronic illness.  Read on for our top strategies for making your chronic illness less scary.

Focus on Data About Your Chronic Illness

One of the scariest parts of being diagnosed with a chronic illness is the Unknown.  How will this change your life?  Will I have to give up the things I love?  Will I ever get better?  The best way to combat these thoughts is to arm yourself with data.

  • Read up on your condition.  The facts can be overwhelming at first, so it’s a good idea to give yourself some limits.  Try taking a set amount of time every day (15 to 30 minutes) to learn about your condition.  This can help take away some of the mystery and get you the facts you need to make a plan.
  • Start keeping a Health Journal.  Starting keeping track of your symptoms, your activities, your medications and your diet.  Find out what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse.  Every person experiences their chronic illness a little differently, and keeping track of what you’re doing and how you’re feeling can help you live a happier, healthier life.
  • Take an active role in discussions with your health care providers.  At the beginning especially, it can be easy to think that everything is happening to you.  But when you take an active role in your health, it gives you a sense of independence and control.  You do have a say in your life, and you can make a difference in how you feel on a day-to-day basis.  Don’t be afraid to bring your own research, your own data, and your own questions to the table when you talk with your health care team.

Get Connected with Others Who Share Your Chronic Illness

One of the best ways to make a chronic illness diagnosis less scary is to get connected with others who have a similar diagnosis.  There are support groups both online and in person, and meeting and connecting with others who have been through struggles like yours can make you feel both less alone and more empowered.

Learn How to Do Something New

If you’ve been waiting to learn a new skill or try out a new hobby, there’s no time like the present!  Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis can make it seem like your life now has to be all about your condition.  But people with chronic illnesses are capable of doing amazing things!  (Need an example? Check out our post on Olympians with chronic illnesses!)

This is where both your data and your connections can help you overcome obstacles.  Research might be able to hint at some of the challenges you could face, as well as ideas on how to overcome them.  And talking to others with similar challenges can provide both strategies and camaraderie.

Infusions On Your Schedule at IVX Health

If you’re not used to receiving IV medications, learning they’re going to become a regular part of your life can be a little scary.  But at IVX Health, you might find you actually enjoy your time instead!

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And because we’re invested in helping you live your best life, we offer appointments during days, evenings and on weekends at any of our convenient locations.

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Treatment at IVX Health

If biologics like Remicade, Actemra or Orencia  are a part of your chronic illness treatment plan, then consider choosing IVX Health for your ongoing care needs. IVX Health makes it possible to receive your therapy in a comfortable, convenient, and private environment.

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