July 1, 2015 |  written by IVX Health

How to Maintain Your Independence with a Chronic Illness

With the 4th of July approaching this weekend, it’s a good time to think about independence and what it means for those with chronic illness.  Sometimes it can feel like you’re constantly at the mercy of your illness, but there are ways to grab hold of your own independence.  Read on for our tips.

Ask For Help

It may seem counterintuitive, but asking others for help can help you maintain your independence with a chronic illness by allowing you to do the things you want.  For instance, there may be activities that are difficult or even impossible for you to do alone, but if you have the courage to ask for help from a trusted friend, family member or even health professional, you’ll gain the freedom to pursue those activities.

Be a Part of a Community

Similarly, if you find another person with the same chronic illness as you who is managing to accomplish goals you’d previously thought too difficult, reach out and ask them for their strategies and support.  Getting involved in a community, whether it’s an online support group or a local meet-up, is a great way to increase your independence. Comparing strategies for handling symptoms and flare-ups with others that have the same condition as you can be a great practice for increasing your independence in the future.

Keep Track of Your Symptoms

Whether you use old-fashioned pen and paper or an app on your smart phone, keeping track of your symptoms — along with what triggers them and what soothes them — can be your best weapon in maintaining your independence.  Knowing your body helps you know what you can accomplish on your own terms, even when those terms might be different than they were before you were diagnosed.

Pay It Forward

When you become an active player in your own life, people will start paying attention.  One of the best ways to celebrate your independence is to help others increase their own.  Just like you looked to others when you were looking for ways to feel more independent, there’s a good chance you’ll get to pay it forward in the future to someone else looking to increase their independence.

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