October 12, 2022 |  written by IVX Health

Five Activities You Can Do During Your Next Long Infusion Treatment

Getting an IV infusion treatment can often take a long time. For some biologic therapies such as Remicade or Fabrazyme, a single dose can take two to three hours. Other therapies such as Rituxan or Lemtrada may take even longer for each dose.

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At IVX Health, our goal is to make infusion therapy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why each IVX patient receives a private suite with Wi-Fi, a large TV with streaming content, a comfortable recliner, and plenty of snacks. During your next infusion, try these five activities to pass the time.

1. Read a Book

If you are an avid reader, an infusion treatment is a great time to catch up on your backlist. If you’re just beginning to get into reading, treatments can be a great opportunity to start your literary journey. Kick back in the comfortable recliner in your infusion suite and read in quiet. You can also bring along a guest to read while you listen.

Did you forget your book? Don’t worry. You can use the Wi-Fi connection to instantly download a copy for your Kindle, Nook, or other reading device.

Reading offers endless opportunities to be entertained or to learn a new skill. You can either read a new fiction series or go through nonfiction books about investing, starting your own business, or how to make a new type of food. You could even set aside your infusion time each treatment to work your way through an entire mystery or romance series.

2. Streaming

With high-definition smart televisions in each suite, you can stream movies or shows at IVX Health. Whether you’re looking to continue a series you’re already watching or find something new, infusion treatment can provide an opportunity for you to catch up on all of your favorite shows or movies. If you have a shorter infusion, you can always stream a podcast, listen to music, or find a quick show to watch.

3. Paperwork

Another one of the top activities during an infusion treatment is paperwork. If you’re a student, it may be valuable to use treatment time to study or complete homework. If you work at a busy office, treatment time can be used to finish up last-minute projects or other work-related tasks. Each IVX Health center features a private suite that includes a desk in addition to the infusion chair for studying, working, or making your weekly to-do list.

If you prefer to take things at a slower pace, you can try journaling during your treatment instead. Journaling can help to boost relaxation, gratitude, and positive thoughts. Additionally, you can use your journals to track your progress and healing.

4. Meditate

Many patients say their infusion therapy is the most peaceful time of their entire week. Because IVX Health offers private rooms, you can enjoy tranquility and silence during your treatment.

For guided meditations, you can use the center’s Wi-Fi to listen to meditation videos or podcasts. If you have a favorite song or album, you can always play it as you meditate. Other than meditation, many patients use their treatment time for prayer or quiet contemplation.

Some people also like using their infusion time to sleep because of the peace and quiet available in the private infusion suites. Be sure to ask your IVX team member for a cozy blanket to use while you relax!

5. Try a New Craft

There are also many creative outlets to take advantage of during a longer infusion treatment. For example, some patients like to paint, draw, or even make jewelry.

Crafts are a great way to keep busy during an infusion because they’re easy to pack up and bring with you to and from treatment centers. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing a patchwork quilt are also fun craft options that can keep you occupied during your infusion while also resulting in a finished product for yourself or loved ones!

Another popular craft option is to assemble photo albums. Scrapbooks and photo albums can be made for yourself or can be a great option for friends and family as a gift, especially during the holiday season.

Discover a More Comfortable Treatment Process

By finding an activity you enjoy, you can make your infusion treatment go quickly. If you are prescribed an infusion therapy, IVX Health can help. Our goal is to redefine the care experience and make your treatment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. To learn more about infusion treatments at IVX Health or find a center near you, contact us.

Treatment at IVX Health

If biologics like Remicade, Actemra or Orencia  are a part of your chronic illness treatment plan, then consider choosing IVX Health for your ongoing care needs. IVX Health makes it possible to receive your therapy in a comfortable, convenient, and private environment.

With a private suite for every patient, you can watch your favorite Netflix show or movie on the big screen TV in each room, use a laptop or other mobile device to surf the web, or simply hang out with family and friends. We always have chairs for guests, and each center has a family room that is spacious and private if you need to bring your kids to your treatment. We also offer flexible appointment scheduling – including evenings and Saturdays – at any of our convenient locations.

At IVX Health, we truly are invested in helping you live your best life. If you’re ready to experience a new kind of infusion clinic, click here to learn how to move your infusion or injection therapy to IVX Health.