June 15, 2015 |  written by IVX Health

Best Apps for Chronic Disease Management

In this day & age, there’s an app for everything, and chronic health management is no different.  Here are some of our favorite apps for helping improve the lives of those with chronic illness.

1. Bathroom Scout (iPhone / Android)

If you have any sort of illness that requires you to use the bathroom on relatively sudden occasions, then the Bathroom Scout is a must.  It shows you the closest public bathroom on satellite view and how to get there.  It also allows users to rate facilities, so you know what you’re getting into before you get there.

2. CareZone (iPhone / Android)

CareZone makes it easy to document symptoms, keep track of appointments, and organize contacts for doctors, insurance, pharmacies and more.  It’ll send you reminders when you need to take medications or refill them, and you can track how consistently you’re taking them.  The journal lets you document your day-to-day symptoms, record doctor’s instructions, and even privately share updates with family members.

3. myIBD (iPhone / Android)

Designed to help people with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s, myIBD helps you record details about symptoms, appetite, and bathroom trips.  The app then takes the data you input and outputs it as easy-to-read text or graphs so you can analyze your symptoms and share information with your health providers and caretakers.

4. GI Buddy (iPhone / Android)

Similarly, the GI Buddy app gives you all the prompting and data you need to effectively manage your condition with your healthcare providers.  It has features to help track symptoms, treatment plans, and your diet, and it emails you all the information you need to have a constructive visit with your doctor.

5. My Pain Diary (iPhone / iPad / Android)

Many chronic conditions unfortunately involve some pain or discomfort, but this app can help you track your symptoms, manage them, and ultimately use that data to reduce them.  My Pain Diary lets you log your pain at the moment it happens and pinpoint possible triggers as well as document treatments or activities that ease your pain.  Color-coded calendars and graphs make it easy to analyze your data and share it with your doctor.

Coming in July: The IVX Health App!

There are a lot of great apps for managing your health out there, but our team at IVX Health is always looking for new ways to reinforce our commitment to patient care and making our patients’ lives easier.  Beginning in July, we’ll begin a limited roll-out of our IVX Health app to some of our patients.  Our goal is to help our patients record their symptoms, responses to treatment, and to securely communicate them to us so we can better help our patients manage their conditions.

Chronic Illness Management at IVX Health

At IVX Health, we believe in making your chronic healthcare management easier, too.  With day, evening and weekend appointments available and two convenient locations on either side of the state line, we make it a priority to fit into your schedule, not the other way around.  Add our comfortable recliners, HDTVs, iPads, Kindles loaded with current bestsellers, and private rooms so you can relax on your own or even spend time with friends or loved ones, and your IV treatment becomes a tiny vacation in and of itself.  If you’re ready to experience the difference IVX Health can make in your life, give us a call at either one of our locations.

Treatment at IVX Health

If biologics like Remicade, Actemra or Orencia  are a part of your chronic illness treatment plan, then consider choosing IVX Health for your ongoing care needs. IVX Health makes it possible to receive your therapy in a comfortable, convenient, and private environment.

With a private suite for every patient, you can watch your favorite Netflix show or movie on the big screen TV in each room, use a laptop or other mobile device to surf the web, or simply hang out with family and friends. We always have chairs for guests, and each center has a family room that is spacious and private if you need to bring your kids to your treatment. We also offer flexible appointment scheduling – including evenings and Saturdays – at any of our convenient locations.

At IVX Health, we truly are invested in helping you live your best life. If you’re ready to experience a new kind of infusion clinic, click here to learn how to move your infusion or injection therapy to IVX Health.