March 10, 2020 |  written by IVX Health

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My MS Infusion

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the founders of Just Breathe Box as an official IVX Health partner and contributing content writers. Featured as today’s guest blogger is one half of J|B Box, co-founder Jessica Donley, an MS warrior since 2013, sharing her wisdom on what she’d wish she’d known before beginning her MS infusions.

1. Meet with Your MS Neurologist

Aligning your doctor visit a month or two prior to your first MS infusion date will help the approval process with your insurance company. The main reason is because, most of the time, your insurance will need updated clinical notes from your doctor as well as test results that are needed for your upcoming treatment.

2. Research MS Copay Assistance Programs

Most medications do have copay assistance. The first thing you need to do is find out the name of the medication, visit their website and check for the copay assistance program. Then, fill out their forms or call them right away to see if you qualify. They will also help you find an infusion center your insurance will approve, as well as who they work with for either free or copay assistance on the medication. You will most likely need to update the copay assistance program quarterly to stay active on their assistance program – make sure to call them or answer their phone call when they reach out. If you don’t complete this quarterly follow-up, you will risk the chance of getting removed from the program.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Double your intake of water the week leading up to your MS infusion. This will help with the potential headache as well as finding a vein for the IV. You can also hydrate with the many electrolyte products currently offered to help you enjoy the amount of liquids you need to get down.

4. Bring Your Own Warmth

When you’re in the infusion chair and you’re getting pumped with lots of fluids, you can get cold quickly. Most infusion centers have blankets available for patients, but bringing your own can help comfort you during a long infusion day. Also, comfortable fluffy socks are always nice too. Kick off those shoes and relax!

5. Bring Snacks

Most infusion centers have snacks and beverages available for patients, but not all of them do or they may not offer something you like.  Pack your own bag full of your favorite snacks and beverages.

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