There Wasn’t Really a National Brand Out There

A once-small chain of infusion centers has accumulated major investments in a bid to disrupt a $19 billion market — and that chain plans to grow until it reaches the top.

IVX Health offers infusion services to people with chronic health conditions. The eight-year-old company moved its headquarters from Kansas City to Middle Tennessee under its former name, Infusion Express, in 2018 with nine facilities in its portfolio. And it selected former Change Healthcare executive Doug Ghertner to guide the company through its transition.

The goal was to become the top brand in the infusion market, Ghertner says, and has since its move attracted more than $122.5 million in funding — the latest round totaling $100 million from Great Hill Partners — that has supported network growth, service expansion and a total rebrand. To date, IVX Health operates more than 50 centers across 16 markets, providing therapies for conditions including multiple sclerosis, Chrohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, among others.

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