IVX Health Rebrands Nationally, Announces Company Will Reach 30+ Outpatient Infusion Centers Across 10 Markets in 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Just six months after raising $27 million in capital, IVX Health – a national provider of outpatient infusion centers – announced the completion of its nationwide rebrand, applying its new name, visual identity and refined brand strategy to its existing infusion locations across the country. The company was previously branded as Infusion Express.

The company plans to expand its physical footprint to more than 30 infusion centers across ten markets by the end of the year. The unified brand enables IVX Health to ensure a cohesive experience for all existing and future patients as it rapidly grows its physical footprint, supported by new national payor contracts and its refined clinical model.

“In the past few years, IVX Health has grown in significant ways,” stated Doug Ghertner, CEO of IVX Health. “Not only have we opened new centers and new markets, but we have also seen unprecedented interest in our offering from many of the major commercial health plans because of our closely aligned goals—lowering cost, improving access, and enhancing patient experience.”

Since taking the helm at then-Infusion Express in 2018, Ghertner has led the company through a variety of milestones – expanding from a regional to national footprint, hiring its key leadership team, and formalizing its world-class patient experience. The company also relocated its headquarters to Nashville and has experienced strong investor commitment through key funding rounds. The nationwide rebrand cements the company’s accelerated growth strategy.

Better Outcomes

Amidst the skyrocketing costs of specialty drugs, IVX Health has proven its model can improve the patient experience while supporting better clinical and financial outcomes. Research suggests that over 40 percent of patients still receive infusion and injectable biologic specialty medications in a more expensive – and much less convenient – hospital-based setting, often costing two to three times more than alternative sites of care like IVX Health. In particular, a recent internal case study examining patient transitions within a six-month period showed estimated annual savings of $6.3M – or nearly $51,000 per health plan member – after switching their site of care from a major academic teaching hospital in California to IVX Health.

“Economics aside, making infusion therapy more consumer-friendly can also improve patient outcomes,” stated Dr. Andrew Lasher, Chief Medical Officer. “Simply put, creating great experiences helps patients remain persistent on therapy. From our beautifully designed centers to our industry leading nurse-to-patient ratios, we’ve seen our clinical model result in lower adverse event rates and greater medication adherence, which ultimately promotes better overall wellness.”

As IVX Health’s mission is to redefine the care experience for those with complex chronic conditions, the impact of its brand can be seen in the meaningful relationships created with its patients. The results of this commitment are reflected in its 99% patient satisfaction rate and Net Promoter Score of 90, a measure of customer experience that is on par with pacesetters like Apple and Amazon. These scores speak to the consistent, compassionate, and personalized care patients receive at IVX Health.

To learn more about the company rebrand, visit www.ivxhealth.com/rebrand.

About IVX Health

IVX Health is a leading provider of infusion and injection therapy for those with complex chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

IVX Health’s national footprint of outpatient infusion centers are conveniently located in the communities where patients live and work. IVX Health’s experience-first model includes amenities such as flexible appointment scheduling with evening and weekend availability, guaranteed private suites, high-speed Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs with streaming TV and movies, and comfortable recliners with room for guests.