IVX Health is now accepting Leqvio patients.

On December 22, 2021, the Food & Drug Administration approved Novartis’ new drug Leqvio for the treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). Click here to read the press release.

IVX Health is excited to announce we are now accepting Leqvio (inclisiran) patients. Patients with a history of ASCVD whose treatment plan includes Leqvio now have a convenient, safe, and private place to receive ongoing injections.

For patients interested in receiving Leqvio at an IVX Health center or for providers seeking to refer patients to IVX Health, please review the information provided on this page to learn more about the prerequisites for therapy.

Contact Information

IVX Health has a centralized team ready to help patients, providers, and others with questions about Leqvio. Please use the contact information to connect with the IVX Health team.

Dedicated Leqvio Resources
PHONE: (800) 550-1255
FAX: (615) 628-1326
EMAIL: [email protected]

Before seeking care, patients need a referral from a referring physician.

IVX Health has over fifty centers across the country currently accepting new Leqvio patients. To find an IVX Health location near you, visit www.ivxhealth.com/locations.

Patient Resources

The following are additional patient and provider resources offered by Novartis, the manufacturer of Leqvio.

For referring providers of Leqvio

The following labs, tests, and scans will be required for all Leqvio patients seeking treatment at an IVX Health center. These diagnostics are not completed by IVX Health. Patients should consult their referring physician on next steps.

Supporting Labs and Clinicals

  • Documentation to to support patient is EITHER currently on the maxim tolerated statin OR is statin intolerant
  • Recent lipid panel indicating the patient has high cholesterol

IVX Health is currently accepting referrals of Leqvio. In addition to the diagnostic procedures listed above, IVX Health requires that all referrals are submitted with an IVX Health order form, available for download on our Referrals page.

To move forward with a new Leqvio patient referral, please visit our Referrals page and follow the set of instructions that outline our patient referral process.

Provider Resources

The following are additional provider resources offered by Novartis, the manufacturer of Leqvio.