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Switching to IVX Health is easy!

Are you ready to take your infusions to the next level?  We’ve made it easy for you to move your treatment to IVX Health and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way!  Check out this quick video to learn everything you need to know about how to get started at IVX Health and start getting better in a better way today!

Making you better in a better way.


If you have a serious medical condition such as Crohns, MS, or RA, intravenous drug therapy is the most effective means of getting your medications.


Our registered nurses and physician supervisors follow the same safety protocols as your doctor’s office. We provide only high quality brand and generic pharmaceuticals acquired from the most reputable U.S sources.


Relax in our comfortable, spa-like surroundings. Private infusion suites, leather recliners, flat screen TV’s, free soft drinks and snacks will make you feel like you’re flying first-class to an exotic destination.


You can make your appointment for a time that fits your schedule at any of our convenient locations. Weekday evenings and Saturday appointment times are available. We accept most major insurances and pre-authorize every infusion so you don’t get an unexpected bill months later.

Available Treatments*

  • Actemra®

  • Ascorbic Acid

  • B12

  • Benlysta®

  • Boniva®

  • Cimzia®

  • Entyvio®

  • Hydration


  • Iron/Venofer/Feraheme

  • IVIG

  • Krystexxa®

  • Lab Draws*

  • Lemtrada®

  • Myers Cocktail

  • Orencia®

  • Ocrevus®

  • Prolia®

  • Remicade®

  • Radicava®

  • Rituxan®

  • Symponi Aria®

  • Thyrogen®

  • Tysabri®

  • Vivitrol®

  • Xolair®

  • Zoledronic Acid® (Reclast)

*Be sure to call as this list may change as we add more treatments.

What Others Are Saying 

[us_testimonial author=”” company=””]Staff is super nice. It’s an easy process. The rooms are awesome because I can have someone with me and keep them entertained.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”” company=””]Great overall experience! Will recommend to other friends and family. Really take care of their patients.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”” company=””]A great experience every time. Very comforting and relaxing. The staff is very welcoming and pays attention to the patient’s needs.[/us_testimonial]

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?