IVX Health Announces New Infusion Center in Delaware

Wilmington, Del., August 30, 2023 /Business Wire/ — IVX Health, a national provider of outpatient infusion and injection centers, today announced its expansion into Delaware with the opening of its new Barley Mill location, growing its current footprint to more than 75 locations across the country. Conveniently located in Wilmington, the new infusion center complements IVX’s five locations in neighboring Pennsylvania in caring for patients living with complex chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and others.

“IVX Health is thrilled to have a presence in Delaware,” said Matt Munden, director of nursing for IVX Health. “Our Wilmington center – just like all IVX centers nationwide – has an incredibly caring and talented nursing team that specializes exclusively in infusion and injection therapy. This clinical expertise is one of the many reasons we believe there is no safer place to receive ongoing specialty biologics than IVX Health.”

IVX Health’s unique care model is intentionally designed to provide a world-class care experience in a welcoming, safe, and private environment. All centers have an expertly trained team of nurse practitioners and registered nurses that are overseen by a local medical director – where the nurse-to-patient ratio never exceeds 1:3. IVX Health’s safety standards and protocols are similar to those found in a hospital-based setting.

“After my multiple sclerosis diagnosis, my neurologist recommended that I begin infusion treatment at IVX, and life changed after that,” said Cam Wiggins, current biologic patient at IVX Health. “I have a great team. They really care about me and want me to do well. It never really feels like I am there to get an infusion.”

Learn more about Cam’s story here.

This year has been one of sustained growth for IVX Health. The company has launched markets in multiple new states, expanded locations in current territories, and had members of its executive team recognized for their leadership efforts. By the end of 2023, IVX Health will operate over 85 centers across the United States.

For more information on IVX Health and its services, visit www.ivxhealth.com.

IVX Health Delaware

Barley Mill
362 Buckley Mill Rd
Wilmington, DE 19807
Phone: (302) 596-8610
Fax: (302) 596-8553

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