October 17, 2014 |  written by IVX Health

What to Expect When You’re Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

In our new series on what to expect when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, we’ll take a look at different conditions and how being newly diagnosed will affect you.  Right now, we’ll start with the some common feelings when you’re diagnosed with any chronic illness.

An Avalanche of Information

If you’re facing a chronic illness you’re not familiar with, then the onslaught of information can be pretty overwhelming.  Don’t feel like you have to memorize everything all at once.  Here’s the strategy we recommend:

  • First, ask your health provider for a list of resources (websites, pamphlets, etc.) you can peruse at your own pace.
  • Second, ask your health provider for the top three most important facts you need to take away from your initial diagnosis.

This allows you to know what’s important to learn and deal with right now versus what you can save for a time when you’re feeling less overwhelmed.

Anger and Depression

We all hear that life isn’t fair, but there’s no time we feel that more than when facing personal hardship.  Realizing you’re going to face trials for a long period of time — and perhaps forever — can be difficult to deal with.  That’s why it’s important to have a strong support team.  The best and most effective support teams consist of the following:

  • Health professionals invested in your well-being
  • Family and friends to help you and keep you grounded in who you are (you’re not your illness)
  • Support groups that understand the specific trials you’re facing

Working to put together a strong, three-prong support team will help you face your chronic illness head on.


Being diagnosed with a disease can be scary — but it can also be a relief to finally find out what’s going on with your body and start a plan to help you get back on the right track.  Try to focus on the fact that you can now create a strategy to manage your condition and feel better.  You don’t always have to be 100 percent sunshine and rainbows about your chronic illness, but focusing on the positive will help you both mentally and physically as you adjust to your diagnosis.

IV Therapy for Chronic Illness at IVX Health

If IV therapy is a part of your strategy for managing your chronic illness, check out IVX Health.  We offer appointments that fit your schedule (days, evenings and weekends) in a spa-like environment custom-designed to help you actually enjoy your time while receiving treatment.  If you’re ready to experience the difference, give us a call at either of our two convenient locations in Lee’s Summit at 816-272-0174 or Overland Park at 913-948-2020.  We look forward to helping you live a healthier, more satisfying life no matter what health challenges you’re facing!

Treatment at IVX Health

If biologics like Remicade, Actemra or Orencia  are a part of your chronic illness treatment plan, then consider choosing IVX Health for your ongoing care needs. IVX Health makes it possible to receive your therapy in a comfortable, convenient, and private environment.

With a private suite for every patient, you can watch your favorite Netflix show or movie on the big screen TV in each room, use a laptop or other mobile device to surf the web, or simply hang out with family and friends. We always have chairs for guests, and each center has a family room that is spacious and private if you need to bring your kids to your treatment. We also offer flexible appointment scheduling – including evenings and Saturdays – at any of our convenient locations.

At IVX Health, we truly are invested in helping you live your best life. If you’re ready to experience a new kind of infusion clinic, click here to learn how to move your infusion or injection therapy to IVX Health.