June 18, 2018 |  written by IVX Health

Water Benefits for Your Body

Summer isn't set to arrive in the Northern hemisphere until June 21st, but it's felt like summer for weeks now. That makes it a good time to touch on why water is so important for your body.  Read on to find out how water benefits every part of you.

Water, Water Everywhere

Water is present in every single one of your body’s cells. In fact, your body weight is almost 60 percent water! As you might imagine, if your body has that much, water must serve a lot of functions.

Healthy Joints, Spinal Cord and Body Tissues Need Water

In order for your joints to function properly, they need water to act as lubricant. When your body is properly hydrated, your joints are able to better move in the ways they were designed. Similarly, for your spinal cord and other body tissues to function at optimum levels, they need plenty of water.

Water Benefits Digestion

If you’ve ever tried to eat a cracker when your mouth is dry, you know how important water is to the digestive process. Digestion starts in your mouth with saliva, but your entire digestive tract needs water to operate properly. Without enough water, you could end up constipated or develop urinary tract infections.

Healthy Organs Need Water

Water also helps our organs flush out waste. In particular, our kidneys and liver need water to help flush out toxins to keep our systems healthy.

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