June 15, 2016 |  written by IVX Health

How to Talk to Your Kids About Chronic Illness

When you receive your diagnosis, the first people you tell are likely your close family and friends — the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis.  But telling your kids requires a different set of strategies.  Read on to learn how to talk to your children about your chronic illness.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Chronic Illness
Telling your kids about your chronic illness can seem overwhelming, but our strategies can help you get through it. (Photo by Shafiahmedrizvi, via Wikimedia Commons.)

#1: Deliver Age-Appropriate Information

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for talking to your children about chronic illness is to consider their age and what they can handle hearing.  What you tell a teenager will likely be very different than what you tell a 3-year-old.

#2: Be Honest About What You’re Going Through

Again, you’ll want to stick to age-appropriate information, but you should let them know that sometimes you might not feel well.  That might mean telling them you get tummy aches sometimes, or that your hands or feet might hurt (“ouchies you can’t see”), or that sometimes you might be so tired you can’t get up.

#3: Tell Them What You Need From Them

Let your children know what you need from them when you’re going through a flare-up.  Tell them before it happens so the expectations are set.  Whether it’s simply quiet behavior from little ones or help with household tasks from older kids, tell them how they can help you.

#4: Let Them Ask Questions — Or Not

Children are very curious creatures, but typically on their own schedule.  When you deliver the news, you should be prepared for a conversation, but you should also know that they may hear what you have to say, nod, and then head right back to their train set or TV show.

#5: Keep the Conversation Going

Let them know that the door is always open for them to ask you questions, but don’t pressure them into hearing more than they’re ready for.  You too needed time to process the information, and your kids might as well.

The attention span of children and their ability to process everything varies by age and individual child.  Give them time, but, at the same time, don’t sweep the issue under the carpet either.  If your chronic illness is going to affect their way of life, they especially need to know and eventually accept what the new normal looks like.  It’s a process, but make sure there’s progress too.

#6: Take the Optimistic View

The last thing you want to do is scare your kids, so let them know that, while you may sometimes not feel well, you’ll always feel better after a while.  (This can be a good reminder and mantra for yourself as well!)  Tell them you’re working with your doctor to get healthier and feel better (and follow through).  And giving them ways to help you can help them feel like they’re a part of the team.

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