May 29, 2015 |  written by IVX Health

How to Manage Multiple Sclerosis During the Summer

The heat and humidity of summer can exacerbate and even trigger some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but knowing what those symptoms are and how to manage them can make your summer days enjoyable instead of a sweaty slog.  Read on for our strategies.

By Aldrovandivillaborghese (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Managing your MS symptoms can help you enjoy the summer months. Read on for our strategies. (Photo courtesy of Aldrovandivillaborghese, via Wikimedia Commons)

Know Your Own Limits

One of the best strategies for anyone with a chronic illness — or really anyone at all! — is to know what your own limits are.  Keep track of your symptoms and what seems to be triggering them, as well as what seems to make them better.  Whether you use an old-fashioned notebook and pen or a smartphone app, make this simple task a priority and take advantage of the knowledge it gives you in the future.

Be Active During Cooler Times of the Day

Staying active is one of the best things you can do, since it improves lung capacity, muscle tone and balance, as well as helping ward off depression and anxiety.  So it’s important to keep moving during the summer months — just choose the cooler times of day to do it.  Early morning or evening walks are a good choice, since the temperatures are usually lower during those times.  And if the temperature is too high, try moving your workout indoors if possible.

Give Yourself a Break

Some chores are best left to others who don’t experience symptom flare-ups in the heat.  There’s no shame in hiring someone to mow your lawn or pull weeds in your garden.  You can spend that time doing other activities you enjoy, and the fact that you may be helping a teen make some extra money or a small business stay afloat is an added bonus!

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is in Good Working Order

When July and August arrives, this one is a must.  You might not think of staying up to date on your air conditioner maintenance as an important part of managing your MS symptoms, but being without air conditioning when it’s 90-plus degrees outside is a real danger.  Put this appointment on your calendar in late spring or early summer, and make sure you keep it!

Don’t Skip Your MS Treatments

Even though you may be on the go during the summer months, don’t forget to make your MS treatment regimen a priority.  If you currently receive IV therapy for MS, IVX Health is a great option for keeping on top of your treatments.

With day, evening and weekend appointments available and two convenient locations on either side of the state line, we make it a priority to fit into your schedule, not the other way around.  Add our comfortable recliners, HDTVs, iPads, Kindles loaded with current bestsellers, and private rooms so you can relax on your own or even spend time with friends or loved ones, and your IV treatment becomes a tiny vacation in and of itself.  If you’re ready to experience the difference IVX Health can make in your life, give us a call at either one of our locations.


Treatment at IVX Health

If biologics like Remicade, Actemra or Orencia  are a part of your chronic illness treatment plan, then consider choosing IVX Health for your ongoing care needs. IVX Health makes it possible to receive your therapy in a comfortable, convenient, and private environment.

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