January 2, 2014 |  written by IVX Health

How to Make 2014 Your Healthiest Year Yet – Part 2

Last week we provided two strategies to help you successfully set your New Year’s Resolutions.  This week, we’re tackling how to keep them going past the first couple weeks of the year.  Use the strategies below, and you’ll have a better shot at seeing your resolutions become habits.

New Year’s Resolution Strategy #3: Find Your Why

This is perhaps the biggest part of the goal-setting — and keeping — process.  You need to know why you’re setting the goals you are.  Sometimes it helps to have two whys — a big why and a little why.

Your big why is the overarching, life-affirming goal that emanates from your core.  You want to spend more quality time with your family.  You want to walk your daughter down the aisle some day.  You want to be able to keep up with your two-year-old.

The little why is a little more superficial.  You want to fit into those skinny jeans.  You want to tuck in your shirt without worrying about your gut hanging over your belt.

Both types of goals are totally valid and helpful in your journey to accomplishing your goals.

New Year’s Resolution Strategy #4: Create Your Plan

Now that you know what you want and why you want it, you can work with your friends, family and health professionals to create an achievable plan to reach your goals.  Write them down and share them with those close to you so that you have a support network to help you along your journey.

Better Health through IV Therapy at IVX Health

Using the strategies in both Part 1 and Part 2 of our series on New Year’s Resolutions can help you meet your health goals in 2014, and IVX Health can be a part of that plan.

Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness, searching for more energy, or looking to boost your immune system, we would love to show you how you can make IV therapy a convenient and enjoyable part of your life.  You can reach our Lee’s Summit office at 816-272-0174 or our Overland Park office at 913-232-7023.  We look forward to helping you live a healthier, more satisfying life in 2014!

Treatment at IVX Health

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At IVX Health, we truly are invested in helping you live your best life. If you’re ready to experience a new kind of infusion clinic, click here to learn how to move your infusion or injection therapy to IVX Health.