December 5, 2017 |  written by IVX Health

How to Get Your Home Company-Ready with a Chronic Illness

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, between shopping for gifts, taking in the special holiday events, and getting together with friends and family.  If you're planning to host company for the holidays, use our tips to get ready while managing your chronic illness.

#1: Take Care of Yourself

First things first, you’ll want to make sure you’re making time for self-care.  That means getting the right amount of sleep, taking prescribed medications, eating well, and exercising as your condition allows.  Taking care of your own health will give you the energy to prep for company.

#2: Automate What You Can

Whether it’s making sure you have plenty of toilet paper stocked via an online store, setting up monthly coffee or tea delivery, or taking advantage of online shopping and delivery from your local grocer, find the tasks you can accomplish with minimal effort.  Save your energy for tasks that need it.

#3: Remember Ergonomics

There are ways to carry out tasks that cause the least harm to your body.  Focus on good posture and avoiding straining, overstretching or twisting into awkward positions.  Make use of step stools where necessary, and make sure you’re using proper form to lift (from the knees, not with the back).

#4: Get Help

There’s no shame in asking for help if you need it.  Enlist family members or even friends.  It’s the holidays after all, and people want to behave generously.  Offer them drinks or snacks and good conversation in return.  Additionally, if you can afford it, consider hiring help, even if it’s just for the holidays.

#5: Relax — It’s About People

The truth is, no one is going to care if you didn’t get around to last-minute mopping or didn’t manage to dust those high shelves.  Holiday get-togethers are about spending time with loved ones, not showing off how clean your house is.  Focus on the folks you’re spending time with, and you’re sure to enjoy having company over.

Treatment at IVX Health

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