September 4, 2017 |  written by IVX Health

How to Fight Fall Allergies

The temperatures have begun to trend cooler, and that means that, along with great fall weather, we also need to start preparing for fall allergies.  Inflammation caused by fall allergies can also trigger flare-ups of chronic illnesses.  Even more so, for folks with asthma, allergies can be downright dangerous.  Read on for our tips on how to fight fall allergies.

Start Medication for Fall Allergies

If you know you’re going to deal with fall allergies, NOW is the time to start taking your allergy medication.  Ideally, you want to start two weeks before symptoms are likely to appear, which can start as early as late August.  And don’t stop just because you’re feeling better either.  Pay attention to allergen counts, and don’t stop until after they’re down, likely after the first hard freeze.

Keep Allergens Outside

Ragweed tends to be the main culprit for fall allergies, so you’ll want to avoid tracking it inside your home.  Resist the urge to open up the windows to let in the autumn breeze — and that goes for driving with your windows down too.  Also make sure you’re using a HVAC filter with a MERV value no lower than 11, and that you’re replacing it at a minimum of every three months (perhaps more often during high allergen seasons).

Take Precautions Outside

If you can avoid yard work by having a friend or family member help you out, or by hiring someone, it’s worth saving yourself an allergy flare-up.  If you do have to do yardwork, consider wearing an N-95 mask to filter out allergens while you work.  When you come in from outside, leave your shoes at the door, and change clothes and shower as soon as possible.

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